Monday, February 21, 2011

My New Hobby

So card making, I am sure its been around for a really long time. I have just jumped on the bandwagon. It is so fun! I love my to use my cricut and this has been such a fun outlet for me to try new things. Victor gave me a Cuttlebug for my birthday and he let me open and use it a month early. I love him! Anyway the Cuttlebug is an embossing machine. It has changed my life. I love the texture on the paper. There is another aspect of card making that I want to get into....someday when I am rich....Stamping! oh my goodness, it is so crazy all of the things that are out there. I am just saying its like a whole new world for me. I will post some pictures of some of my projects later. First I have to take pictures of my projects. I think I might try joining one of those weekly challenges for card making that you can find online. I am not great, I have only made a few different cards, but I think this will be good for me to get better. Well until later...

Oh yeah only 9 weeks to go for before Eric makes his arrival. Maybe I should start shopping for him...hmmm.

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