Monday, December 13, 2010

More than half way done!

So this week marks my 21st week. I am pretty excited because I am more than half way through now. Wahoo!!! We are very excited to have little Eric come into our home! I'm feeling pretty good too! I am not obviously "showing" yet. I am really ok with that. The longer I can go without looking like another "pregnant lady" the better. :)

On another note...Holli comes home this weekend! I cant wait! She happens to be arriving in Seattle on Saturday, her birthday, and then coming to Utah on Sunday! I think we have all been planning Christmas 2010 since June 2009.

Yay for this weekend!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Good luck Jenson!

This past week was a hard week for us. We made a really tough decision to transfer Jenson. He left on thursday to start his new adventures in colorado. It was harder than I thought it would be to actually hand over his leash to the truck drivers. I was really doing ok until I had to actually hand him over.

Our Jobs have gotten so busy. We really hoped that Victor would be able to take him to school and then work but his job has gotten crazy busy. As we both work in the medical field, its hard to have a puppy with you no matter how good he is. We were hoping Victor would still have enough office time that he could take him, but it just hasnt panned out. We were not able to give Jenson what he needed. We went into this with a major goal of producing a working guide for someone who need him, and even though he is amazing in the house he needs to be just as amazing outside of the house.

So after a few weeks of talking and talking and talking we decided it was in his best interest if we sent him on to someone who could give him more outings. It was extremely hard!

A few things I will miss about him:
- his happy go lucky personality
- his big soft floppy ears
- his intense look when he is learning something new
- his head on my lap when we are out together
- his good morning greeting
- his beautiful black coat
- his amazing relieving skills

He is with an amazing raiser in Colorado. I am excited to see him progress even further. Good luck Big Boy Jenson!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

He's finally here!!!

Today finally came! We have been planning this for 6 months...We are so excited for the opportunity we have to raise a little pup for a year for Guide dogs for the blind! We feel it is a great chance to serve others and have fun at the same time! Anyways we drove down to SLC to await the "puppy truck." We got there early and had a picnic with our other puppy crazy people in our club. We did not have to wait long before the truck was spotted coming down the street 30min before we expected it! Then the fun began! We all stood by the trucks door like kids in a candy shop. We waited and one by one the driver called out our names and presented us with our charge! We had so much fun watching and waiting. Michelle, he called..this is your big boy "JENSON." My goodness he was so so big! He is only 11 weeks old. Needless to say I was hoping for a runt, but got a giant! We were the 3rd name called so we were pretty distracted for the rest of the distributions!

Anyway we finally made it home. This was the real test...introducing Griffin and Lady to their new foster brother... It actually has been going really really well! I expected lots of chaos and barking. We have had a little barking but things have been relatively smooth!

We are going to try and keep a weekly blog on Jenson's progress. We get him for a year so we are going to make the best of it and enjoy as much as we can! This week we want to just get him adjusted to our home and we want to get Griffin and Lady adjusted to him. Anyways here are some photos for ya! We will have more later. Today has been unforgettable!!!

Michelle and Jenson right after he came off the truck...

Born To Lead's newest puppies! (Campbell, Wanda, Wynett, and Jenson!)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

10 Days 'till puppy time!!!

So, we just found out that we are getting a male black lab! We are so excited! His name begins with the letter "J." I dont know why they dont just tell us the entire name. It has been so much fun trying to guess the name. Anyway, I found a picture of his litter online, we dont know which one he is but we are so excited! Here he is....somewhere!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring + new camera lens = fun!

So we have had so much fun this past week! We have had the pleasure of watching our tulips bloom, finally! We planted a ton bulbs last fall and crossed our fingers that they would actually live through the winter and bloom...Well they lived and look beautiful!

We also decided to buy a new lens for our camera. It is so so amazing! We are still learning exactly how to use it. Those pictures above are our test photos.

We are also counting down the days until our guide dog puppy arrives. May 7th seems so far away! We plan on blogging all about our fun times with that puppy, so stay tuned for the next 14ish months!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Puppy Sitting a Guide Dog

So this past weekend we had our first experience with a guide dog puppy. We puppy sat for a beautiful black lab girl named Marlowe! She is just over a year old and is such a good girl.

Griffin and Lady eventually decided she was not going to eat them and began to like her. Lady did not appreciate and sudden moves by Marlowe but she made great improvements as the weekend went by. Lady has fear issues. Griffin, being the smallest of the three, decided he was the "top dog" and would steal Marlowe's toys right from under her.

We wanted to get all we could out of this experience so we took Marlowe on a few outings!

We went to our Aunt's Dry Cleaner's and she did great. Then we decided to go to the pita pit for lunch. Marlowe just layed on the floor. She was perfect. Then we went to the movies. We saw How to Train your Dragon, it was such a cute show! Marlowe again just layed on the floor by our feet. She did not even steel popcorn from the floor! Sunday we took her to church. We only went to sacrament because Michelle had no voice and did not feel amazing. We got there super early (30min) we were begged to join the choir but luckily Michelle had no voice so we had a very obvious excuse. I wonder if it will work next time.... Anyway we got there early and marlowe layed on the floor once again. We even had someone sit next to us in our pew and she did not notice Marlowe until the meeting was over and we got up to leave! We had a great time with her. We cant wait to get our own little guide puppy in may!

Friday, March 5, 2010


So I haven't updated for a while. I sure will post some pictures of the past few months soon. :)