Sunday, October 17, 2010

Good luck Jenson!

This past week was a hard week for us. We made a really tough decision to transfer Jenson. He left on thursday to start his new adventures in colorado. It was harder than I thought it would be to actually hand over his leash to the truck drivers. I was really doing ok until I had to actually hand him over.

Our Jobs have gotten so busy. We really hoped that Victor would be able to take him to school and then work but his job has gotten crazy busy. As we both work in the medical field, its hard to have a puppy with you no matter how good he is. We were hoping Victor would still have enough office time that he could take him, but it just hasnt panned out. We were not able to give Jenson what he needed. We went into this with a major goal of producing a working guide for someone who need him, and even though he is amazing in the house he needs to be just as amazing outside of the house.

So after a few weeks of talking and talking and talking we decided it was in his best interest if we sent him on to someone who could give him more outings. It was extremely hard!

A few things I will miss about him:
- his happy go lucky personality
- his big soft floppy ears
- his intense look when he is learning something new
- his head on my lap when we are out together
- his good morning greeting
- his beautiful black coat
- his amazing relieving skills

He is with an amazing raiser in Colorado. I am excited to see him progress even further. Good luck Big Boy Jenson!!